Materialize documentation

This is the home of Materialize's internal API documentation.

Important crates

aws-utilInternal AWS utility library for Materialize.
ccsrConfluent-compatible schema registry API client.
commAsync-aware communication fabric that abstracts over thread/process boundaries.
coordCoordinates client requests with the dataflow layer.
dataflowMaterialized's Timely and Differential Dataflow server.
dataflow-typesTypes for the dataflow crate.
exprThe core expression language for Materialize.
interchangeTranslations for various data serialization formats.
kafka-utilUtilities for working with Kafka.
materializedStreaming SQL materialized views.
metabaseAn API client for Metabase.
mz-avroLibrary for working with Apache Avro in Rust
oreInternal utility libraries for Materialize.
pgreprRepresentation of and serialization for PostgreSQL data types.
pgtestPostgres wire protocol test framework.
pgwireA server for the PostgreSQL wire protocol.
profCPU and memory profiling tools.
protocA pure Rust protobuf compiler.
reprThe core data types for Materialize.
sqlSQL–dataflow translation.
sql-parserThe lexer and parser for Materialize's SQL dialect.
sqllogictestA driver for sqllogictest, a SQL correctness testing framework.
symbiosisBuilt-in OLTP support via symbiosis.
test-utilUtilities for testing Materialize
testdriveIntegration test driver for Materialize.
transformTransformations of Materialize expressions.
walkaboutAST visitor generation.